Permanent makeup is the perfect answer for the busy lady with a busy lifestyle who wants to look naturally made up without wasting precious time going through the exercise to get there. Permanent make up properly performed should look as though you just don't need makeup, and Tiara Sitara-Foucher does this extremely well.

Permanent makeup allows a person to wake up in the morning with most of their makeup applied. There are thousands of people wearing permanent makeup that you would never suspect, because properly applied, it should look totally natural as though you just don't need to wear makeup.

Ideal for thinning brows, the hair stroke blends and looks completely natural. Upper and lower eyeliners never need to be touched up allowing you the freedom to swim and come out of the water looking the way you went in.

Lip liners and full lip fills are time savers for that person on a hectic schedule or for the person that just doesn't want to go through the dramatics of applying regular makeup every morning.

As we get older applying regular makeup can become more difficult with an unsteady hand or diminishing eyesight.

Cosmetic tattooing is the implantation of a pigment, derived from organic and/or inorganic compounds, into the dermis layer of the skin thereby ensuring the long lasting effect of the procedure. Properly implanted by a professional, permanent makeup is just that, permanent. After 10 years or so depending on a person's skin coloring, a touch up to "spruce it up" might be required.

The Nouveau Contour Digital 1000 is the most efficient device available and has many advantages over the traditional analog devices. With traditional devices, the needle frequency will drop when penetrating skin that is more resistant. Due to different needle frequencies the distance between the pigment "dots" will vary. The results are inconsistent lines and poor color retention.

The digital control unit of the Nouveau Contour Digital 1000 assures a stable needle frequency, despite the resistance of the skin. When resistance of the skin occurs, the microprocessor will adjust the needle frequency accordingly. To make a simple analogy, imagine what occurs when you place your car on cruise control, when the car reaches an incline in the road, it speeds up maintaining a consistent and preset speed. In a similar manner the digital control unit will always maintain a stable needle frequency. The Nouveau Contour Digital 1000 provides the technician with consistent, quality and excellent results. The device is designed with "Soft-touch" buttons that provides an easy and hygienic cleaning of the machine surface.

Innovative technology combined with professional is making looking beautiful easier than ever before.

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